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This summary does not replace the lecture of the original license-text. There is explicitly no warranty for mistakes, misinterpretation, imprecise explanations, faulty translations or errors. Note that this text may be subject to change at any time.


  • Obligation to name the author
    Existing notices that name the author, copyright notices, notices of the absence of any warranty and the license may not be removed from the software.
  • Right to distribute freely
    You may share the complete software with others for free, even through P2P networks. Each copy must contain a copy of the license text and the complete, not shortened, unencrypted source code.
  • Right to adapt and extend
    You may create adaptions and extensions of the software. You have the obligation to clearly mark any changes that you have made to the source code. Any adaption or extension you make is to be licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL and becomes open source software as well.
  • Right to use the software for commercial purposes
    You may use the software for commercial purposes. You may also introduce extensions or changes for yourself or a third party and get paid for your work. Though any changes made to the framework itself will be subject to the GNU GPL and thus be Open Source. But for your own plugins you may choose the license yourself.

License text

Please note: only the english version of the GNU GPL is relevant to law (not the german translations)